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Control of crude oil, petrochemicals, liquefied gasses and all types of liquid cargoes.


  • Complex services for storage, transportation and quality control of dangerous goods.
  • Quantity control of liquid products according to International Standards and methods.
  • Quality control – visual, on the spot, in laboratories (attending Lab. tests) at the sites of sales or storage of fuels and liquefied gas.
  • Cleanliness inspection.
  • Adding fuel additives – calculations, application, storage, and logistics.
  • Control of shore tanks and pipelines with regard to storage conditions, risks of damages and losses and accessibility by unauthorized personal.
  • Sealing all means of transport, storage tanks and pipelines.
  • Operative measurements of basic properties – colour and density of fuels and liquid gas.


Marine survey


  • P & I Inspection: general condition of cargo and hull
  • Bunker survey
  • Container inspection
  • Monitoring of terminal and vessel operations
  • Ship’s – on/off hire survey
  • Cargo inspection preloading and after discharging
  • Lashing inspection
  • Hold cleanliness inspections
  • Draft and ullage survey
  • Condition survey
  • Machinery and hull survey
  • Super Cargo Intendance


Services for Insurance companies


  • Damage report – cargo, hull, machinery


Monitoring – inspection of goods used as guarantee for credits and loans



Collateral management agreement



Time for reaction


  • We consider the time for reaction to a new Order or a new task or a new problem of our clients of utmost importance for the protection of Client’s interests and finding the best solutions. We are at Client’s disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are able to organize ourselves in a manner to operate with maximum accuracy, speed and effectiveness.

Consultations and trainings


  • Except for direct control services we consult our Clients when problems arise and we organize specific training courses by highly qualified professionals at their site when necessary. The purpose is to improve their condition and give maximum help.|
    All our activities are carried out in full confidentiality and protection of Client’s interests in the best way possible.

  • Independent Inspectors C.S.S. Ltd. has a Professional Indemnity cover with an international insurance company Allianz for the agregated amount of $ 1'500'000.
  • There were never any claims or losses due to unfulfilment of our obligations or inspections.


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